Basic Garage Door Installation Instructions

Basic garage door installation instructions are not that hard to implement. Like anything else it requires some order and a logical pattern. The first thing you’ll need to do before installing your garage door, is take the necessary measurements. You have to have these measurements in order to make the whole thing work.

First you need to know the measurements of your door opening. Measure the height, and then measure the width. Write these down so you won’t forget them. These measurements determine the size of the door you will need, and these rough measurements should be the same size of the door.

Now you’ll have to take the measurements for the side-room. You’re going to need at least 3-3/4 inches on the sides for installing your vertical track that involves the standard extension spring and the torsion spring. Then you need a solid 5-1/2 inches for the Extension spring system.

It’s now time to measure the ‘headroom.’ This is the space from the top of your door to the ceiling. For the standard extension spring you’ll need a required 10 inches here. Then 12 inches will be required for the torsion spring and the torsion spring system. If you should find that your headroom is restricted, then they make special hardware for this problem. If you’re planning to install a garage door opener, then you’ll need even more headroom.

Now you’re set to get the measurements for the ‘backroom’. This is the distance that ranges between the opening of the garage door all the way back to the back wall of the garage. This should be your door height plus and added 18 inches. Again, with the garage door opener installation, it’ll require some more room.

Now that you have your measurements, you’ll need to prepare the opening for installation. Inside, your door opening should needs to be framed with wooden jambs. These should be made with 2 x6 if you can. They should reach as high as the headroom measurements you already took. Make sure your jambs are plumb and the wood is not rotten. Your header should naturally be level. Be sure that any bolt heads that exist are flush and not protruding so as not to interfere with installing the new door.

It’s time to get your bottom door section ready. Lay out your hardware in groups on the floor. Find any weatherstripping and attach it. You can do this while the section rests on saw horses. Then follow your written instructions for assembling all the screws and hardware for this section of your door. This is where you hook your lift cable over your buttons found on the bottom brackets. This is also where you’ll be attaching your hinges and a reinforcement strut.

Now you can drill your holes and attach your lift handle. The next order of business is attaching the other sections of your door to the bottom section. At this point if you’ve decided on installing a keyed lock, then this is where that needs to happen. When you place your second section on top of your first one, then you need to drive a 3 nail into the jams at both ends to hold it in place. Then move on to the subsequent sections. If you need to reinforce the top for an opener, then your manual will have complete step-by-step instructions for that. Consult your manual as these are just basic garage door installation instructions, and not thoroughly complete.

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