Garage Door Installations For The Homeowner

Many people have replaced doors in their home and the process seems very simple. Garage door installations, however, are much more difficult and can be more dangerous. There are two types of garage door installation, manual and automatic. Installing the automatic door can be more difficult but most experienced do it yourself homeowners can install […]

How To Install A Garage Door

It is important to have a correctly functioning garage door to protect both your vehicle and any other belongings that are stored in your garage. Most such doors are composed of steel, aluminum, or occasionally wood. Although it is a challenging task, most people that are used to carrying out do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can complete […]

Install Garage Door Opener Checklist

If you are going to be performing a garage door opener installation, here is a checklist of things to consider and what you will need to get together so that your installation is a success. You will need to consider the condition of the door, the size of the installation system, what condition your track […]

Steps To A Quality Garage Door Install Job

Steps to a quality garage door install job aren’t actually very involved and installing a garage door — whether an automatic garage opener will be used or not — can be a good job for a do it yourself-type person. Keep in mind, though, that a garage door is very large and installing it can […]

Keys To Successful Garage Door Installation

When planning a garage door installation, most homeowners want trouble free operation for many years to come. While that is a possibility, there are some things you can do to ensure that trouble free operation. Residential garage doors are often made of very thin metal that is shaped in such a way as to provide […]