Do Your Own Garage Door Installation

A garage door is expensive enough, and the costs only get higher when you have to pay somebody else to install it. But you can avoid these needless expenses by taking care of the task yourself. Garage door installation really isn’t as difficult as the fear tactics used by companies might make you think. It is a job that will probably need help and considerable time to complete, but when it’s done you’ll have saved a lot of money.

Begin by going to a home improvement store. Home Depot or Lowes are sure to have what you’ll need. However, you will need to know the measurements for your door before you visit a store. You should have a header clearance of about a foot over the actual door to give you the room you’ll need during installation, though there are kits for less headroom.

Be warned that there are some risks associated with installation, the main one having to do with the torsion spring, inside the garage on the header wall, which helps lift the door. It will wind and unwind as your garage door is raised and lowered. When it’s put in right, you shouldn’t have a thing to worry about, though it can be a matter of some concern.

Above all, you have to remember to follow the instructions. This should be common knowledge with any household item that could pose a danger to you. If you don’t read them and know what you’re doing, you could be seriously hurt, as the spring is such a powerful object. But, with the right knowledge, you will always be safe as you work.

If you don’t feel comfortable working with the spring even when you have read the instructions, you shouldn’t feel hesitant about calling someone to replace it for you. But before you do, check that you actually have a tension spring. Sometimes you’ll have what’s called an extension spring, and this will make everything very easy without any risk.

Know that while you’re working on hanging the tracks, you might have to try a few times before you get it right. Though it can be a bit painstaking, it will pay off in the end. More importantly, you don’t want to get caught with these pieces out of position, as they might not hold up the garage door, which can weight up to five hundred pounds on its own.

Despite all this advice, if it’s your first time getting a new garage door, you might still want to call a contractor. For some people, it comes easily, but others will face more difficulties. Don’t put yourself in a bad position just to save money. The good news here is that you can look at how they do their work so that next time you really can do it yourself.

Hopefully, all of this information will be put to good use. If you think you’re ready to take on garage door installation, by all means try it. Among everything else your gain will be an extensive knowledge of the door that can help you make any repairs you might need. Of course, above all, it’s holding on to money that makes it so worthwhile.

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