How To Install A Garage Door

It is important to have a correctly functioning garage door to protect both your vehicle and any other belongings that are stored in your garage. Most such doors are composed of steel, aluminum, or occasionally wood. Although it is a challenging task, most people that are used to carrying out do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can complete the job in around five hours. It should be said that it is not always straightforward as garage doors are cumbersome and heavy, but you will feel an immense amount of satisfaction by learning how to install a garage door yourself.

First of all you need to purchase the components. Garage doors come in a number of varieties, if you intend on doing it yourself then it is best to choose a lightweight version. When you take delivery of the various parts it is easy to be overawed. There are rollers, springs, handles, hinges, struts, metal track, and door panels, not to mention the countless numbers of screws, bolts, and nuts. All of these are essential. Bear in mind that a garage door is by far the biggest mechanical object that you are likely to have in your home.

Before you begin, it’s important to read the instructions fully, make sure that you understand every stage of the garage door installation. Then you should check that you have been given all the required parts.

If you already have an old door in place, you will need to carefully remove this first. You should take great care as it is easy to get hurt by the springs that have been held in place. The next step is to ensure that the frame is in good condition, there must be no damage or wear as otherwise it may not be strong enough to support your new door.

For a garage door to work freely it must be level and the new tracks have to be perfectly parallel. If the initial section is not level then it will not operate and your vehicle will be trapped inside!

The brackets that are to be attached to the first section should be firmly fixed to the door as the cables that control the lifting will exert vast pressure upon them. The overhead track needs to be in perfect alignment and safely supported, this is essential as otherwise the track can fail and the door can come crashing down injuring those beneath.

Spring adjustment is another area that needs to be carried out with care. A correctly working garage door should be able to hold itself in position even when half open. If this is not the case then there is a problem with the spring adjustment. Garage door spring installation comes with a number of risks, and can even cause death if handled improperly, so use extreme caution during this important step.

If you follow the instructions in the manual or guide, then you should have no problems. It is important to regularly inspect your garage door for any problems. The track and runners should be kept well-oiled to prevent any wear and tear. Do not leave any weaknesses or problems for a considerable time as you may end up with a completely broken device. Remember to be aware of any people in proximity anytime you install a garage door or working on it. Consult your specific how to install a garage door instructions for all your necessary steps.

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