Install Garage Door Opener Checklist

If you are going to be performing a garage door opener installation, here is a checklist of things to consider and what you will need to get together so that your installation is a success. You will need to consider the condition of the door, the size of the installation system, what condition your track system is in, and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, who will be completing the installation process itself. Once you have decided all of these things, you can proceed to installing the door opener system.

It may save time and money to install garage door opener yourself, but you should consider the costs of doing the work yourself. Do you have experience with home renovation projects? If not, you may want to look over the instructions very carefully before you make the ultimate decision to do the work on your own.

There are several options if you decide that you cannot or do not want to do the work yourself. If you are having a new garage door installation at the same time, it may be a good idea to purchase a combination package that will include the door and the opening system. Many new homes have one installed as a standard feature of the home. If you are purchasing a kit separately, check the warranty to make sure that it will not be voided by the installation process. This applies to the door and the opening system.

The condition of the door is one of the two most important factors when it comes to install garage door opener. Why? Because a door that is in bad shape can allow the bolts to tear free and this can leave you with a door that is stuck partially closed, making it impossible to let you in the garage. At worst, it can cause the door to come completely free and crash down on you or your vehicle, causing damage which can end up being very expensive.

The strength of the motor is a very important consideration. You should use the width of the door as a basis for deciding which motor you will get. Is your garage a single car garage? If so, and the door is about eight feet wide, you can use a model with a 1/3 horsepower motor. If you have a double car or a car and a half garage with a door that is between ten and twelve feet wide, consider a model with a motor that is a half horsepower. A larger door will need a more powerful motor since the door will be heavier.

Although it is very important for the door to be in good condition, it is equally important that your track system also be in good shape. All garage doors run on a track system. Wheels are pulled along the track by a counter weight on a spring. If your track is in bad shape, the wheels can catch on the track and bind or snap. This can lead to some of the same problems that a faulty door can cause. The last thing you want is for your door to come crashing down when you are halfway through with your car or truck, or landing on a person or a child.

You need to think about who will be doing the garage door opener installation. Will you be doing it yourself or will you be having it professionally installed. You can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars for installation. If you do the installation yourself you must make sure to be careful around the garage door spring installation, which holds the counterweight. It can come free and do a lot of damage, or injure whoever is handling it at the time.

Garage door openers can make it much easier for you to operate your garbage door. It can make it possible for you to open or close your garage door with the press of a button and you may find that being able to control it remotely gives you an added sense of security. It may be one of the best improvements you could make to your home.

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