Steps To A Quality Garage Door Install Job

Steps to a quality garage door install job aren’t actually very involved and installing a garage door — whether an automatic garage opener will be used or not — can be a good job for a do it yourself-type person. Keep in mind, though, that a garage door is very large and installing it can be physically dangerous if you do not keep in mind certain procedures that should be adhered to.

For the most part, experts recommend that any garage door that’s being installed and that includes an automatic garage door opener should be left to the professionals until certain skills are learned, though this doesn’t mean that a do it yourself enthusiasts can do it. It’s just that it’s not recommended for the first time a person installs a garage door.

Generally speaking, manual garage doors are those garage doors that are lifted up and pulled down by hand. They can be much lighter than an automatic door although this is changing as time goes on and technologies for garage doors improve. The downside to a manual door is that its lightness can make it unsuitable for some garages or owners who want thick, heavy wooden doors.

As far as installing a manual door goes, there are certain steps involved that should be followed in sequence. Most experts say that the first thing that should be installed is what is called the “flag bracket” and the horizontal angle track pieces. These two items are then connected to the jamb. After that, it is a matter of connecting what are called torsion tubs and springs.

Ensure that these springs are fully loaded into each bracket. Always make sure to secure the left side drum first and then follow that by securing the right side drum. Once all of those steps have been taken, it is time to attach the door’s tube retainer and wind the spring source. Never play around with a garage door spring installation, as it can be under a lot of tension in certain circumstances.

An automatic garage door install require a bit of do it yourself experience and also the assistance of a partner. If you have neither, it is a good idea to leave the installation of a garage door that’s going to be automatic up to a professional. If you still want to try it, begin by attaching the door tracks to the drive unit and then connect the rest of the track sections together.

Make sure to affix a mounting bracket to the end of the track on each side and then make sure it is attached to the beam in the ceiling above the opening of the garage door. Follow the instructions for motor installation exactly and attach that motor to the ceiling, because it can be heavy. Run the motor’s wires from the motor to the wall switch and then install the infrared sensors at the bottom of the door.

Once all of this is done, it is then okay to connect the garage door to the garage door opener. Keep in mind that you are working with electricity and also a spring on the garage door that can be under great tension. Always work with a partner when it comes to a garage door install job and never deviate from the installation instructions under any circumstance. If in doubt, leave the installation up to a professional installer.

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